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повече информация за тази порода кучета и особеностите им


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как решихме и защо да развъждаме точно южноруски овчарки


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всяка наша южноруска овчарка от развъдника в снимки и история


About us

It all began back in the remote past, in 1991. A friend and I were strolling up and down Moscow’s streets when one of those tousled white giants caught my eye and mesmerized me. Should I get a dog? What breed? Now or at some point in the distant future? These were only a tiny fraction of the questions that had been preying on my mind for a while then. That was the moment I knew it. There was no room for any more hesitation. Two months later, Tisha (short for Tihon), a toothless white little teddy bear growling at the whole wide world, was waiting for me in a village in the Moscow region. The new name Ares stuck like glue. Little did I know that when the breeder warned me I was buying something like a Kalashnikov machine gun , that you first need to learn how to use, I should have been listening. But the words passed through my ears glowing bright red with unconditional joy. Later on, we did indeed go through some hard times. It turned out the Southrussian Shepherd was not for just anybody, especially newbies. And yet, Ares lived with us for 14 years and will be kept in our hearts forever. In 2003 we tried changing the breed, but it did not work out. This is when we decided to buy a female dog from high-quality parents and famous bloodlines in order to lay the beginnings of serious breeding of Southrussian shepherds here in Bulgaria.

After an extensive research we pitched on the Czech kennel Adani Zari who were expecting a litter of puppies of an interesting cross between two young (only three years old) yet already accomplished dogs, marching down the European rings. The litter was based on inbreeding of the well-known Russian dog Bolivar from Belaya Vorozheja kennel. This is how in July our one and only Devita Yuzhana Adani Zari, or simply Zhanka, became a part of our family and later on set the foundations of our kennel.
Our aims for the future are not breeding and selling more and more dogs. Instead, we are focusing on a few but well-established connections that can lead to rather predictable results. What is most important to us is the physical and psychological health of the dogs we breed. Therefore, we always examine the dogs at least for elbow and hip dysplasia and brucellosis before mating. Furthermore, we always perform blood tests, hormonal analysis and ultrasound. We pay special attention to the character of the dogs that we are about to breed, and no dogs showing signs of excessive aggression, cowardice or the lack of protective instincts are to be involved in our current or future breeding plans.