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Alika ot Biala Liastovica

EURO WINNER 2014, Inter Champion, CH BG, MK and RO

Sire: Belaya Vorojeya Lutik

Dam: Devita Yuzhana Adani Zari

Parents grand-parentsgrand-grand parentsgrand-grand parents
Belaya Vorojeya Lutik Belaya Vorojeya LutikBelaja Vorozheja GavroshBelaya Vorojeya GavroshZefirTedlord Dan
Pritty Sher
Kassandra LutayaBolivar
Panda Lutaja
Belaya.Vorozheya.BuzinaBelaya Vorozheya BuzinaBabay LutiyDjuk Kaiman
Panda Lutaja
Belaya Vorojeya AuriaKroshka Barin
Gabriel Berendey Ay
Devita Yuzhana Adani ZariDevita Yuzhana Adani Zari OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeliy Veter ZlatBolivarAtos
Gabriel Berendey Ay
Bliy Veter BertaLutiy Voyage
Anushka Charisma AZAnushka Charisma Adani ZariGerett Bolivar Corsairey CaschBolivar
Anne-Marie Corsairey Casch
Deasy Dakota Corsairey CaschAssis Styx
Corsai Cherson


Experts about her:

Galina Kirkitskaya:

Good breed type, large in size, excellent pigmentation, excellent anatomy. Little short neck. Correct proportions for a junior, excellent movements..

Antoan Hlebarov:
An excellent representative of the breed, correct and strong head, well-muscled body, needs a little more volume. Excellent movements.

Kostadin Shankov:
Eyes and teeth – norm. Typical head. Very well developed for her age. Forechest right, upper and lower line of the corpse. Excellent angulation. Well developed bone structure. Excellent movements.

Liliana Stojkovic:
Very nice representative of the breed in super condition, typical head. Pigmentation and teeth- norm. Correct bite. Correct front and rear angles. Excellent movements.

Zoran Najdovski:
Strong, big, female characters. Correct head with properly fitted ear. Good eye color. High and firm back. Strong bone. Good lower line. Correct front and hind angles. Teeth norm. Excellent movements.