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Devita Yuzhana Adani Zari

Devita Yuzhana Adani Zari CH BG, MK, MN and Greece, Balkan Champion
Born May 8. 2007.
Sire Beliy Veter Zlat
Dam Anushka Charisma Adani Zari

Parents grand-parentsgrand-grand parents
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Belyi Veter Zlatrod-2-24fd29f61b18BYCH PLCH RUCH Bolivar RUCH Atos
BYCH LTCH RUCH Gabriel Berendey Ai
rod-2-BVBertaRuCH Belyi Veter Berta Ljuty Voyage
rod-zira4.5g CH Anuschka Charisma Adani-ZariDigital CameraIntCH Gerett Bolivar Corsairey CaschBYCH PLCH RUCH Bolivar (GREY )
HuCH, IntCh Anne-Maree Corsairey Casch
rod-3-deasydak.6.51Int CH Deasy Dakota Corsairey CaschIntCH Asis Stix
CzCh, SKCH Corsai Cherson Cs

Experts about her:

Oleg Yanchev Russia 2008г.
Desirable type of bitch according to standard. Good shape of the eyes, dry eyelids, very well formed beard and fringe. Correct bite, correctly set fore and hind legs. Excellent hair coat. Parallel very dynamic movements. Demonstrates excellent behavior. Exc. BJClass, BOB.

Irina Shvec Russia: 2009

Good size and format. Strong enough, a little bit narrow. Good size of the long enough head. Strong back and good longitude of the loin. Narrow chest. Good angles of front and hind legs. Front legs too close. Well balanced movements. Nice hair coat. Exc. CAC. BOB

Stephan Popov Bulgaria 2009

Beautiful, proportional and athletic female according to breed. Average size, strong with excellent outfit and impression. Excellent head. Very correct upper and lower lines. Excellently developed chest in all dimensions. Behavior according to breed. Free pace and excellent action. Color and hair coat according to breed and intensive pigmentation. Excellent relationship with owner. Utmost desirable breed and sex type. Exc. CAC CACIB BOB BOG

Evgeniy Erusalimskiy-Russia 2010:

Female according to breed requirements, good size, long in format, strong, dry type, big head, flat skull. Muzzle with big volume, excellent pigmentation of nose, lips and eyelids. Dark eyes, relatively long neck. Strong upper line, a bit flat. Well developed chest. Good angles of shoulders, front and hind legs. Movements-free and with enough straightening uo of the articilations. Hair coat-coarse, white color. Bite-correct, Teeth full complect. Exc. Club