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всяка наша южноруска овчарка от развъдника в снимки и история



B-Litter is 4 months old now!

B-Litter is 4 months old now!

Our puppies from B-liiter are four months old now! Bayan and Buria are still looking for their new families to love them and take care of them.

B-Litter pups are three moths old now...

B-Litter pups are three moths old now!

On July 04, our pups Bella, Brianna, Buria, Bayan, Boromir and Buyan became three months old! Here are photos of the youngsters: Bella-reserved   Brianna with a happy new owner: Buria-looking for a new home: Bayan-lookin for a new home Boromir: Buyan-looking for a new home:

Our little teddy bears are 1 month no...

Our little teddy bears are 1 month now!

The pups from our B-litter have their first “anniversary” and being now big girls and boys were moved to our summer house in the village of Gabra, near Sofia.


At the beginning of February we mated our Alika ot Biala Liastovica (White Swallow) and a young and very promising dog from the famous Lithuanian kennel Balandis-Dear Demidov Balandis. We decided to incorporate distant bloodlines in order to create a wider variety of possibilities for future breeding. Dear Demidov or just Dioma, as he is […]